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Funny stuff that make-a me laugh. Ah ha ha ha!

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Cool Stuff like Mega Man and Wizards and shit.

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Pircutures of cute animals with big eyes. I like pugs.
So I recently returned from Santa Fe (The weather was cold and windy, maing me grateful for the relatively mild weather where I live; other than that, it was pretty deeply entrenched in its history, and I got souvenirs for, like, eight bucks) and right now I'm feeling just a little down.
Anyway, I was doing some yard work earlier and I felt a sharp jolt in the forearm of my gold-spinning drawing arm. I haven't seen a doctor about it yet, but I'm expecting the worst.

UPDATE: I haven't felt the jolt in my arm since the day it happened; I think it had more to do with the electrical cord I was using than a muscle sprain.
Anyways, since Spring Break is drawing to a close, I'll be moving back into the dorms where my art computer is, so I'll be able to work on commissions as soon as tomorrow night. (Very reasonable rates! Get them while they're hot!) I've even prepared some very nice ink/paper drawings I think you'll enjoy.
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Furizu Puraido
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Commission Prices As of 15 February 2014

Please buy commissions! I want to get Stick of Truth on Steam!

Digital Art: $5 per character

Traditional Art
Sketched: $2 per character
Inked: $4 per character
Colored: $6 per character

No background, Solid color background, or Gradient Background (Please Specify when you commission the picture): Free
Specific Background (You can tell what the location of the picture is, please specify): $2.50

Pages: $12 each
4komas (Vertical 4-Panel Comic Strips) $7 each, $12 for two

+$10.00 for any pictures or strips that must be rated 18+ (Explicit sex or gory violence)

I absolutely WILL NOT Draw the following subject matter:
-Fecal Matter (Including but not limited to Scat, Piss, and Diaper)
-Erotic Gore (Including but not limited to amputation, sewing, snuff, and Spit roasting)
-Animal Sex (Non-anthropomorphized animals, including ponies and pokemon, engaging in sexual activities; human/anthro is iffy, anthro/anthro is good)
-Intolerance (Including but not limited to Racism and Homophobia)

For a list of subjects I will not draw over a certain rating please see

Don't forget to add my Scraps to your DeviantWatch!

If you want to draw or write about any of my characters, feel free. Just let me know at some point, please.

If you have to contact me, my Skype name is excrutating. People with requests and commissions can contact me on Skype to get a heads-up on their requests/commissions!

The List (Last Update: 27 Feb 2014)


:bulletblue:GundamDethscythe's commish of a bunch of comic pages re-done in my style
:bulletblue: Chow11 (Waiting for payment)
:bulletgreen: 2 comic pages for NotMolo and jortyboy

Art Trades:
:bulletblue: Blackironalchemist (Waiting on his half)


Things for me:
:bulletblue:Verdant, Crimson, and Mika in:
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Classic NGE Plugsuits
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Sheik Costumes (Redraw; that one time doesn't count)
:bulletblue:All the Links from every legend of Zelda game ever made
:bulletblue:Redraw Brooke, Deen, and Dart
:bulletblue:Crimson as Cole McGrath
:bulletblue:Verdant in:
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Super Mario Tanuki Suit
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Different fetish situations
:bulletblue:Shiny Gardevoir with:
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:May (Pokemon May, not my OC May)
:bulletblue:Amy, Rouge, and Blaze as forms for different outfits
:bulletblue:TG Self
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Costumed as Yumi (Season 4 w/ S5 var)

:bulletred:Scott Pilgrim girls in bodysuits with and without their usual outfits
Page 2, maybe
:bulletred::bulletorange:Julie Powers
:bulletred::bulletorange:Stacy Pilgrim
:bulletred::bulletorange:Lynette Guycot
:bulletred::bulletorange:Lisa Miller
:bulletred:Full-Chocolate Blaze
:bulletred:Teen Titans' Raven and Starfire in Goth Costumes, if I can remember what the costumes look like


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