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Funny stuff that make-a me laugh. Ah ha ha ha!

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Cool Stuff like Mega Man and Wizards and shit.

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Pircutures of cute animals with big eyes. I like pugs.
Tagged by :iconbriscojr84:

1) Of course, copy these rules for others to know.
2) Copy the goal and point that I've written, or you can just write it in your own words to make it shorter for people.
3) Write at least 10 confessions-- you can write more if you please-- about something you say/said, do/did, and/or thought/have thunk.
4) Tag at least 5 people whom you are following-- You can tag more if you like.
5) You don't have to complete this if you've already been tagged in someone else's.

My confessions:
1. I am afraid of living on my own. I don't have a lot of confidence in my own skills, which discourages me from applying for jobs quite a bit.

2. I had a friend in 2nd grade who was a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. She moved to another town, I visited her once there, and I never saw her again. I sometimes think about her and wonder where she is now.

3. I once got suspended from school in the 2nd grade for spitting on the floor twice; that is, I spit on the floor twice and was suspended, not that I was suspended twice for spitting.

4. I spent way too much time on FunnyJunk, as in 2-3 years. It was comfortable while it lasted, but ultimately that site is a cess pool of complaining, content stealing and reposting, and rage comics (see #5). I quit the site in January 2012, though, and I've never returned even once, except for when Google image search tries to get us back together.

5. I abhor rage comics. I think they're the lowest form of humor next to whatever Mad Magazine is writing (with the exception of Sergio Aragones; that man is a brilliant illustrator). The inclusion of a rage comic maker was a deciding factor in my leave of FunnyJunk. My least favorite is Trollface, because it is a visual manifestation of everything that's wrong with the world.

6. I feel that "Classic" 8-bit games haven't aged well at all. Super Mario Bros on the NES might be fun for a while, but Legend of Zelda and others are just too unfairly hard, at least for the modern age. If you enjoy them, great, but I think most of it is just nostalgia factor, and the excessive references they reveive are just tiring.

7. My most nostalgic games are Rayman 2: The Great Escape on N64 and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. I also have the PC version of Rayman 2, and I've played the PS2 redux, as well as the sequel, but Rayman 2 will always stand out to me, particularly for the music.

8. I don't watch a lot of movies or TV. I have a DVR and Netflix to watch shows and movies, as well as some DVDs that I've been meaning to watch, but I mainly just watch game review shows on YouTube.

9. I love printer paper and note card as much as one can without talking to them like they're alive. I currently have 7 reams collected of paper, and almost a thousand note cards.

10. Most of my commission earnings go towards purchase of Steam Games. My biggest purchase so far has been South Park: Stick of Truth. I'd like to put more in my bank account, or at least use it to purchase art commissions from other artists, but it just ends up going toward Steam games. They're just too tempting.

Tag, you're it:

Also, questions for my OCs are still open.
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Furizu Puraido
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Commission Prices As of 16 July 2014


Digital Art: $5 per character

Traditional Art
Sketched: $2 per character
Inked: $4 per character
Colored: $6 per character

No background, Solid color background, or Gradient Background (Please Specify when you commission the picture): Free
Specific Background (You can tell what the location of the picture is, please specify): $2.50

Pages: $12 each
4komas (Vertical 4-Panel Comic Strips) $7 each, $12 for two

Palette Swaps are free
+$2 for alterations that do not require redrawing a majority of the character
+$4 for alterations that do require redrawing a majority of the character

+$10.00 for any pictures or strips that must be rated 18+ (Explicit sex or gory violence)

I absolutely WILL NOT Draw the following subject matter:
-Fecal Matter (Including but not limited to Scat, Piss, and Diaper)
-Erotic Gore (Including but not limited to amputation, sewing, snuff, and Spit roasting)
-Animal Sex (Non-anthropomorphized animals, including ponies and pokemon, engaging in sexual activities; human/anthro is iffy,

anthro/anthro is good)
-Hate (Including but not limited to Racism and Homophobia)

For a list of subjects I will not draw over a certain rating please see

Don't forget to add my Scraps to your DeviantWatch!

If you want to draw or write about any of my characters, feel free. Just let me know at some point, please.

If you have to contact me, my Skype name is excrutating. People with requests and commissions can contact me on Skype to get a heads-up on their requests/commissions!

The List (Last Update: 30 Jun 2014)



Art Trades:

Things for me:
:bulletblue:Verdant, Crimson, and Mika in:
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Sheik Costumes (Redraw; that one time doesn't count)
:bulletblue:All the Links from every legend of Zelda game ever made
:bulletblue:Redraw Brooke, Deen, and Dart
:bulletblue:Crimson as Cole McGrath
:bulletblue:Shiny Gardevoir with Dawn
:bulletblue:Amy, Rouge, and Blaze as forms for different outfits (In progress)
:bulletblue:TG Self
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Costumed as Yumi (Season 4 w/ S5 var)

:bulletred:Scott Pilgrim girls in bodysuits with and without their usual outfits
Page 2, maybe
:bulletred::bulletorange:Julie Powers
:bulletred::bulletorange:Stacy Pilgrim
:bulletred::bulletorange:Lynette Guycot
:bulletred::bulletorange:Lisa Miller
:bulletred:Full-Chocolate Blaze
:bulletred:Teen Titans' Raven and Starfire in Goth Costumes, if I can remember what the costumes look like


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